Domination Session

Domination Sessions

You can only book a session with us both at our Melton Mowbray home!

As a couple we have such chemistry which is portrayed in our work. At the end of our sessions our clients tell us how much they thoroughly enjoyed their time. They always comment on how sincere we are and how they can tell how much we enjoy our work. We do offer full penetrative sex (which is included in the price) but understand not all our clients require this.

When you call us either Trev or Kitty will discuss with you what you want to get out of your time with us. We accept people from all walks of life from those who are in to harder fetish activities such as watersports and forced feminisation to soft fetish play - for those just starting out or are a little curious. Also whether you want to be in character right from the moment of walking through the door or you want to have a relaxing chat first to calm any nerves.

Don't ever be scared to try anything you desire, being experienced we realise no-one can run before they walk and would always build up any scenarios nice and gently.

Please remember we are both professionals and expect your respect at ALL times. We always have an agreed "Safe" word for maximum safety and also to make sure we ALL get 100% satisfaction from your visit.

Please note: We are BOTH Dom's and neither are prepared to play a submissive part at ANY time. If Kitty wants to be dominated at any point by Master T it is COMPLETELY at her discretion.

We hope to see you very soon for a very horny time!

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