Master Trev

Master Trev

You can only book a session with us both but here' some information on Master Trev...

Master Trev is 52 years old. He is 5ft 8 and has blue eyes and brown hair. He has many attractive features and also is orally bi. ( he has been known to use toys on men if this is something they request)  He has been a Dom for many years. He taught Mistress Kitty all she knows.

His knowledge in the fetish scene is endless. He has been a member to countless fetish clubs and has had several submissive "pets" in his time.

Master T is an expert in rope bondage. He has designed many outfits and harnesses for Mistress K and would be more than willing to show you some examples. He can be extremely sensual with tie and tease. This includes ice play, feathers, wartenberg wheel and of course you could be blind folded if you wished.

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Master Trevor

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